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3D scanning is the process of analyzing a real-world object or environment to collect three dimensional data of its shape and possibly its appearance (e.g. color). The collected data can then be used to construct digital 3D models.


As-built drawings are a set of drawings that are marked-up by the contractor building a facility or fabricating a piece of equipment that show how the item or facility was actually built versus the way it was originally designed. At the completion of a project, the as-built drawings describe what was actually built. 3D scanning makes the process of creating as-built drawings quicker and more accurate than when done conventionally, saving time and resources for other tasks.

BIM or Building Information Modelling is a process for creating and managing information on a construction project across the project lifecycle. One of the key outputs of this process is the Building Information Model, the digital description of every aspect of the built asset.

The FARO ® Focus Premium Laser Scanner is the fastest, most accurate and most data-sharing-enabled scanner on the market to date. It provides exceptional capturing efficiency, data quality and accuracy for professional applications across the construction, public safety, operations & maintenance and manufacturing markets, while offering data quality at faster scan speeds (up to 1 minute per scan) reducing onsite scanning time by up to 50%.

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Metrology is “the science of measurement, embracing both experimental and theoretical determinations at any level of uncertainty in any field of science and technology,” as defined by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM, 2004).

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