3D Scanning : As-Built Creation

Easily compare the design of a structure to its final specifications.

Often called “redline” or “record” drawings as-built creations reflect changes made throughout the construction phase so you can compare and contrast the design of a structure to its final specifications. They provide easy access to comprehensive information to allow for seamless onboarding of new workers/subcontractors.

Most often created and submitted by a contractor after the completion of a project, as-built creations are used to show the locations, dimensions, materials, and geometry of the work as it was performed. As-built creations also help streamline the process to obtain building permits.

If down the road, the structure needs to be renovated, updated, or altered, as-built creations save time, money, and headaches by providing the precise details/data that took place during construction—providing for improved operations and speed.

Capture measurements with confidence

Obtaining accurate, complete measurements of large buildings, facilities, or crash/crime scenes with conventional documentation can take weeks, and even then, the data might be incomplete. That's why I put my trust in the FARO Focus 3D Scanner.

Concrete Flatness Check

Faster concrete quality verification. Reduced time on-site. Lower project costs. Forget waiting for the results of the FF/FL measurements to be calculated to fix any issues. With 3D Laser Scanning, you can easily identify high and low points minutes after concrete is poured and seeded.

Clash Detection / Prefab

Decrease the need for change orders. Lessen the chances of going over budget. Reduce installation time and downtime. Clash Detection helps identify clashes in prefabricated construction to help increase overall efficiency and cost savings during construction.

Forensic Scanning

From reconstructing an accident and replicating a crime scene, to interpreting forensic evidence, identifying causes of incidents and creating impactful courtroom presentations, Accident & Crime Scene Scanning gives investigators and examiners the power to determine how, when, and potentially why an event really occurred.

3D BIM Modeling

Using computer-aided design technology to create a virtual model of a building, 3D BIM Modeling helps visualize a structure, identify potential problems, coordinate engineer, contractor, and architect efforts, and create more efficient, accurate construction plans.

Mixed Reality Development Models

Merging real-world and computer-generated environments, Mixed Reality Development Models are an innovative, exciting tool that allow you to easily visualize and interact with complex objects, scenarios, and situations.

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