Mike Fisher

An accomplished Journeyman Machinist, Global Field Service Specialist, Global Account Sales Manager, and 3D Scanning Expert, Mike Fisher brings an unparalleled level of engineering, marketing, and scanning expertise to IMAGIN3D.

Backed by over 23 years of experience in [troubleshooting and diagnosing simple-to-complex mechanical issues, ensuring minimal operational downtimes, and optimizing 3D printer performance,] Mike offers the highest levels of insight and professionalism in all he does.

He excels in scanning, measuring, and mapping out existing and new construction sites, architectural construction, factories, crime scenes, and more—providing clients highly accurate, photorealistic 3D models and measurements needed to meet their needs and achieve their goals and objectives.

Mike is licensed and certified in a variety of programs and specialties, including:

  • FARO Scanner Use Certificate Program
  • Metallurgy Basics
  • Machine Diagnostics & Data Collection with Vibexpert and Omnitrend
  • Laser Shaft Alignment Certificate of Completion
  • Laser Bore Alignment & Measurement Technology Certificate of Completion
  • Tool & Die Maker

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Photo of Mike Fisher smiling
Mike Fisher - Owner/Operator

A Man of Many Hats

Problem Solver

When a customer in Italy was in a bind and didn’t have $2M for a new extruder, Mike devised a plan to source replacement parts across two continents and retrofit the existing machine at quarter of the price


Mike works with stakeholders/designers in real-time to ensure consistency and transparency throughout every project

Project Manager

Defines goals, organizes, plans, and executes projects, leads teams, and communicates with stakeholders throughout the entirety of the project--all while working within budgets and established timelines.

Training & Certifications

FARO SCENE Training Completion Certificate
FARO Flatness Check Training Completion Certificate
FARO Focus Training Certification
USIBD Membership
Ludeca VibXpert Certificate
photo of Mike Fishers Journeyman tool and die maker certificate
Tool & Die Maker Certification
Metalurgy Certificate
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